About Us

India's First Networking Festival for Students
A unique forum independently organised by students from IIT, NIFT, and SLS collaboratively to bring the student community together. An amalgamation of students from Technical, Design, Medical, Business and Management Institutions are brought together under the same roof to exchange, discover and form new ideas in our diversified series of events.

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Highlights from past events

Blindfold conversations

Blindfolds can be surprisingly eye opening! Make new friends without the hassles of a visual first impression. Break the bonds of judgement and discover new people via a totally new perspective. Get to know people, open up with your eyes shut!

Ice breakers

Feeling the tension build up amidst new faces and unfamiliar crowd? We have effective Icebreakers in the form of some fun events to warm up your confidence. We will help you kick off with some good conversation boosters to ace your networking skills and to find yourself engaged and enjoying.

Networking Lunch

Food is the best part of every event, share it with your new friends. Savor a fine scrumptious meal round a table full of new friends as you get to know each other even better over food. Let your discussions be content and heartfelt, let your new friendship bond over gastronomy.

Speed Networking at IIT Hyderabad

An exciting activity, wrapped in an even more exciting concept! Can you find your match in under 4 minutes? A fun and frolic game to maximize your friend circle, but remember, the clock is ticking and you may have many super likes to go!

Fear Pong at NIFT Hyderabad

Beer Pong with a twist. Come and extend your connectivity through a series of dares, if fail to do so you have to be brave enough to drink down the bitter penalty. This game is as fun and exciting as it sounds and it assures you with loads of fun and memories to cherish with the new friends you make throughout.

Is that all?

No it's not.
Lots of surprises await you to make SNF a truly unforgettable experience. The best parts are yet to come! Be there!

Upcoming events

The Annual Meetup
28th April, 2018

With such great amount of happy responses, we are here with a much bigger event that will commemorate our journey till date.
SNF is here with its Annual meetup that would take place on November. With the sole purpose that SNF has in mind, we aim at maximum socialising. The idea not only facilitates participation of students but does so via an ensemble of interesting activities that aim at extending the networking web in the best way possible. With a list of fun events and series of activities to break the ice in mind we welcome you all to the organisation’s annual fest.